If you were to google for help for an anxious, stressed, or reactive dog, you’d get many suggestions, many of which are good! But there are critical elements that are essential for you to know. We’re covering the 10 things that are vital for you to help your dog get into the confidence zone.

In the episode you'll hear:

  • Why training should be about reinforcement rather than isolating what you don't like.
  • The reason not to put your dog or yourself in a position where there will be judgment.
  • About choosing a dog training program that will protect your dog's confidence.
  • Why to know your dog's number one highest value reward.
  • The difference between perception triggers and fear triggers.
  • That triggers don't stay static and get lower or grow in intensity.
  • Why to know your dog's Confidence Zone and how to grow it in stages.
  • About Matching Law and how that applies to what you do with your dog.
  • How creating good active and calm triggers will help you help your dog.
  • Why it's important to condition a love for any tools you will be using.
  • That some dogs need behavioral medication, and it can make training easier.