Inadvertent stress is something we want to minimize when training our dogs, as excessive stress has the same impact on dogs as it does on us. Now, stress is everywhere, but we don’t want to create it unintentionally and don’t want our dogs to endure anxiety if we can avoid it. We’re looking at how we can set up our training to prevent our dogs from stressing out.

In the episode you'll hear:

  • How dogs can stress low or high and what that stress looks like.
  • That our human mechanics can reduce anxiety for dogs.
  • About practicing without your dog and how that will help minimize stress.
  • Why videoing will improve your training sessions and help your dog.
  • How I set up my training area and include stations.
  • That transitions are the gaps between the training, and we want them seamless.
  • What an efficient training session is and how to minimize your dog's repetitions.
  • About the importance of using Balance Breaks in your training sessions.
  • An answer to a listener's question about using food when training heeling.