You can make your dog training a lot more effective, and a lot more efficient with the effective use and placement of rewards. It does not matter if you are just starting or have been a dog trainer for years, using my pro tips about where and how to place reinforcement will see you get results faster, and supercharge your training sessions.

In the episode you'll hear:

  • How every behaviour is a transfer of value.
  • What our mechanics have to do with dog training.
  • How Bob Bailey’s saying of “reinforcement is a process, not an event” relates to you and your dog.
  • Why your dog’s love of roast beef can create a love for any behaviour you train.
  • How to define your criteria for what you want your dog to do, using a down as an example.
  • What the thing before the thing has to do with Clever Hans.
  • The three vital steps of select, mark, and deliver for you as the dog trainer.
  • Why the placement of reinforcement is your secret sauce and how it relates to the proximity to you.
  • Why only our dog really knows for sure what we are training.
  • When and why to give a release cue to your dog to supercharge your training.