There’s one thing I do when I train my dogs that you can do too, and it will exponentially increase your dog training success. That one thing is videoing my dog training. My training mentor, Dr Bob Bailey, told me that use of videoing training sessions has had the biggest impact on animal training in his lifetime. It’s not just videoing your training; it’s reviewing your video. I’m covering what you need to get started and how to make it easy.

In the episode you'll hear:

  • What toilet paper rolls have to do with videoing your dog training.
  • How you can take advantage of video.
  • The reason videoing will save you a lot of time and effort.
  • About how you can be an amazing coach with video review.
  • How I set up my video and use it in my dog training sessions.
  • The three things I recommend everyone do when reviewing video.
  • Why not to judge yourself and to celebrate that you videoed.
  • How to review your dog training videos for your success.

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