If your dog is stressed, anxious or reactive, there’s so much you can do to replace that stress, anxiety and
reactivity with confidence. Two things are super important to help our dogs become confident, and those are our mindset and training clarity. Believing in your dog will help you bring out their best in any situation.

In the episode you'll hear:

  • About thinking the best about our dogs and the best about ourselves.
  • How to throw away any negative feelings you might have about yourself.
  • That you are doing the best you can and to ignore society’s judgment.
  • About the unrealistic expectations people have about dogs.
  • How to see the dog you love everywhere you go with that dog.
  • Why to know what your dog will do when they are overwhelmed.
  • That you need a plan to replace food lures and props in your dog training.
  • About breaking behaviors down and how that applies to walking on a loose leash.
  • Why we want to help our dogs recover from failure fast and how it starts with ItsYerChoice.
  • A review of the arousal curve, so you can be aware of your dog’s emotional state.
  • Why we need to believe our dogs and learn from the information they give us.
  • That our dogs are always doing the best they can in any situation and change is possible.

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