If you’ve ever trained your dog in public or put a video on social media, chances are somebody has offered you unsolicited training advice. Likely it’s advice you don’t need, don’t want, and most certainly didn’t request. How to deal with it is a question we see frequently, so if you have ever received unsolicited dog training advice, this episode is for you!

In the episode you'll hear:

  • That our job is always to protect and grow confidence for our dog and ourselves.
  • How the advice you receive might be coming from a good place with helpful intent.
  • The chances of a random stranger having any credentials in dog training is very low.
  • How your internal dialogue is the most important thing, followed by your external response.
  • What you can do to be proactive and why to think about your recovery response.
  • That you can deflect to me if needed, and that advice might be like an offer to change a tire.
  • How to handle online interactions and that when you feel furious, it’s time to get curious.
  • What to do about unsolicited advice or dog training when it’s from visitors in your home.
  • About dealing with unsolicited advice when it comes from an authority like your Vet.
  • Why to never hand your dog over to anyone to “deal with” without asking questions.