Safe, structured introductions for a new rescue dog or puppy will set everyone up for success. When you have two or more dogs, your wish as a dog owner is that they all get along. But sometimes, that just does not happen. Living with multiple dogs should be intentional. We can help by implementing “Project Togetherness” to condition dogs to like and look forward to seeing each other.

In the episode you'll hear:

  • When to see a Veterinary Behaviourist.
  • The times to put your togetherness project plan into action.
  • About the signs your dog will give to show they are not comfortable with another dog.
  • Why to recognize your dog’s emotional state.
  • The importance of paying attention to your dog’s body language.
  • How dogs don’t need other dogs putting them in their place.
  • What happens when my dog Feature looks out the window.
  • About starting Project Togetherness.
  • When to use a muzzle and why to desensitize your dog to wearing one.
  • Why to use high value treats that are special.
  • About the importance of supervision and safety for all dogs.
  • How to use “Easter Biscuits” as part of Project Togetherness.
  • What a “Friendship Bed” is and why to use it.
  • How I use dog mealtimes for togetherness.
  • Why to record keep and why to know where your dog’s comfort level is with other dogs.
  • The reason you should celebrate your progress!


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