Help, how do I stop my dog barking! This topic gets requested so much I’m turning it into a series. Most people refer to a dog’s verbal communication as barking, but what if you reframed it as vocalizing – just as humans do with whispers, laughing, yelling, sobbing, squealing? It’s all communication. In part one of this series I’m analyzing the 5 reasons dogs bark and identifying different meanings of canine communication with vocalization. Plus, learn how to decrease excessive barking while understanding the emotions behind your dog’s howling, baying, barking, or whining.

In this episode you’ll hear:

  • Five reasons dogs bark and what to do about nuisance barking.
  • That dog vocalization is communication first.
  • The basic dog needs every owner must consider.
  • How to decrease unwanted dog barking.
  • How different dog breeds vocalize.
  • That barking is an emotional expression.
  • About frustration, anxiety, loneliness, and alarm barking.
  • That some senior dogs bark because of dementia.
  • How we accidentally reinforce demand barking.