I’m sharing four case studies of dogs that overcame incredibly undesirable behaviors: a humper, a home wrecker, a screamer, and a dog-reactive dog. How did they go from out-of-control to completely calm? From emotional dysregulation to habituation, I’m showing you my strategy for turning behavior problems around. One of these dogs was rehomed because he was so dysregulated – spoiler alert – there’s a twist you won’t want to miss!

In the episode you'll hear:

  • Four case studies of dogs with dysregulated behavior.
  • Why over-excited dog humping is not a dominance display.
  • How to give dogs a better way to express their emotions vs. humping.
  • About a Golden Doodle with severe separation anxiety.
  • That not all separation anxiety is a learned behavior.
  • How nutrition, exercise, enrichment and empowered choice influence dog behavior.
  • The wrong ways dog owners employ enrichment toys.
  • Examples of co-regulation in helping dogs cope emotionally.
  • About the FRIDA protocol for dog separation anxiety.
  • About a rehomed rescue dog that destroyed all the furniture.
  • My strategy for helping a hyper-reactive dog overcome fear.
  • That you are your dog’s number one advocate regardless of others’ labels.