Dog training has its fads and one you might have heard is never feeding your dog from a bowl. This trend of feeding dogs exclusively by hand can get people into trouble. I believe that dogs should not have to earn the right to get fed. Today I’m explaining why at least part of your dog’s meals should come from a bowl, alternative feeding methods to enrich your dog, and powerful ways to reinforce your dog that don’t involve food.

In the episode you'll hear:

  • Why dogs should be at least partially bowl-fed.
  • Enrichment ideas for dogs using food.
  • What I wrote in my book, Ruff Love.
  • Why I don’t advise hand feeding dogs only.
  • Why dogs need reassurance that food isn’t contingent on behavior.
  • Practical reasons why dogs should learn to eat from a bowl.
  • How hand feeding dogs only can backfire.
  • Other ways to reinforce your dog without food.
  • Why to keep an eye on your dog’s weight.