If you have ever wanted to ask a professional dog trainer questions about puppy training or living with puppies, then this episode is for you! We’re covering the topics that you want to know about to help your puppy.

In the episode you'll hear answers to questions about:

  • When to spay or neuter a puppy.
  • Recalling a distracted puppy.
  • Dealing with puppies who like to hump.
  • How to combat the Puppy Blues.
  •  How to tell if a puppy growl in play is excitement or frustration.
  • If it is okay for your puppy to sit on you with toys or chews.
  • How much exercise a puppy needs.
  • How to help your puppy be comfortable in a crate or ex-pen.
  • How old a puppy should be before they start weave pole training for agility.