Do you have a dog who's really fussy about the treats that you give them? I'm going to show you how to get your dog grabbing treats no matter what you put in front of them. Previously, I shared games of chase that dogs love to play. Now we're amplifying the chase element for dogs by adding restraint, and I've got 6 new fun games for picky eaters that all dogs will enjoy.

In this episode you’ll hear:

  • About overcoming picky eating in dogs so they value food as a reinforcer.
  • How to play 6 new restraint games to boost food drive.
  • Why these games work and build on previous chase games.
  • The steps to play the games, from Circle Chases to Restraint to the Moving Bowl.
  • Tips to maximize the effectiveness of the games.
  • Insights into increasing treat value and engagement through restraint.
  • Introduction to ItsYerChoice, an empowering self-restraint game for dogs.
  • Guidance on transitioning your dog’s food aversion to excitement in training sessions.

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