Has your dog’s barking ever had you consider using an anti-bark collar? I did in the Nineties with my dog, Buzz, and I'm letting you know the results right up front. Lessons were learned and I developed an action plan to stop annoying barking that’s proven to work, so I’m sharing what to do step-by-step. Plus, if you want your dog to settle down when greeting houseguests, don’t miss the protocol for using a remote feeder to create calm at home.

In this episode you’ll hear:

  • My experience using a spray bark collar in the 90’s.
  • Steps to replace a barking habit.
  • Why a few 90 second training “quickies” are more powerful than one weekly long session.
  • It helps to be predictably unpredictable with your dog’s schedule.
  • Great, easy ideas for dog enrichment.
  • The importance of noting your dog’s barking triggers and reinforcements.
  • To temporarily alter the environment where your dog barks most.
  • The six games to play during “Daily Quickie” training.
  • How to counter condition barking triggers.
  • How to decrease reactivity to doorbells and door knocks.
  • How to use a remote feeder to reinforce Hot Zone for polite door greetings.
  • Why to train this with one dog at a time.
  • How to fade the remote feeder.

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