Having coached thousands of people in dog training, I’ve observed that their dogs seem to fall into three categories. The dogs who seem to hate training sessions, the dogs who are so over the top about the training they are frantic, and the dogs who are driven and focused and absolutely love it. It’s not the breed of dog or their personality that determines the category, and it’s not the trainer or trainer’s experience; it’s about understanding you’re not only training a behavior but also an emotion.

In the episode you'll hear:

  • That your dog’s emotions get built into what you are training.
  • What “Pavlov is Always on Your Shoulder” means.
  • What compulsion trainers get wrong about a dog's emotions.
  • How to gauge your dog's emotional state for training.
  • My top 7 tips to help your dog love training with you.
  • Observations on why dogs leave work or get distracted easily.
  • The reason to know competing reinforcements in your dog's environment.
  • Why not to keep going at half speed because half speed is an emotion.
  • About keeping dog training sessions very short and using balance breaks.
  • About getting “buy in” from your dog before training begins.
  • That your dog is also teaching you, so believe them.