Trying to work with multiple dogs at once can be a struggle, especially when one dog consistently interferes. Even if you only have one dog, the information offered in this episode is important as you want your dog to be able to relax when there are other dogs or distractions around. I’m covering the criteria and strategy for training in a multi-dog household or when things in the environment are exciting for dogs.

In the episode you'll hear:

  • That learning to ignore distractions and relax is important for dogs of all ages.
  • Why dogs really want in on the action when you are training with fun.
  • That dogs give us a critique of how we’ve taught them to wait turns.
  • All the training steps starting with Crate Games then growing to Hot Zone.
  • Why to listen to your dog’s feedback about their understanding.
  • What makes a great Hot Zone when your dog is learning to wait their turn.
  • Why dogs need a brilliant understanding of their release cue.
  • That it’s up to you to decide your criteria for your waiting dog.
  • A test you can do with multiple dogs so they can show you what they understand.
  • How to add other dogs to training when your waiting dog has strong foundations.

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