Why do Beagles, Border Collies, Belgian Malinois’, Boston Terriers (and most breeds) present different dog training challenges? It’s because their Predatory Motor Sequence aka Predation Sequence creates a behavior pattern of eight events selected for some breeds but removed from others. Recognizing which of these eight exist in your dog allows you to enrich, train, reinforce, and avoid denial of things critical to their well-being. Today I’m showing you how to spot these patterns and sharing unique tips and fun games to support or redirect some of the predator sequences inherent in your dog. Enjoy!

In the episode you'll hear:

  • The 8 patterns of a domesticated dog’s Predatory Motor Sequence.
  • How to identify the Predatory Sequence traits in your own dog.
  • How certain breeds like Border Collies were bred selectively for certain predatory traits and not others.
  • How dogs present their predatory traits through play with toys.
  • The different prey drives of many different dog breeds.
  • The various ways dogs stalk that most people don’t recognize.
  • Dog training games for chasing, hunting, biting, and stalking.
  • That it’s better for dogs to dismember food toys than stuffed animals.
  • Awesome enrichment ideas and training games to redirect or highlight your breed’s predatory instincts.


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