Answering your dog sport questions! Even if you don’t do dog sports, many of the questions relate to dog training in general. My voice is a bit raspy as we’re just wrapped up a first ever global four day agility camp entirely through Zoom.

In the episode you'll hear answers covering:

  • Connecting with your dog better when running an entire agility course.
  • Giving motivation a boost when competing.
  • How often my dogs do fitness training.
  • Preventing arthritis in sports dogs.
  • Building value for what I want my dogs to do.
  • My use of different cues for turns on tunnels and the dog walk.
  • Working your way up to championship level in agility.
  • When to retire a dog from competition.
  • Keeping track of verbal cues.
  • Why to pay attention to your dog’s emotions at the agility start line.
  • The importance of focus forward.
  • Warm up and cool down routines.
  • Starting puppies in dog sports.
  • My top five body awareness exercise and why the list depends on age.
  • The same thing I do on every lead out to connect with my dog.


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