All dogs deserve toys, and all people with dogs deserve to know as much as possible about toys. I’m covering my favorite dog toys, how I used them, and why to avoid the two most popular for dogs. My house is a treasure trove of toys, and I’m sharing who they are for and when. Plus, we’re looking at toy selection to protect you and your dog from harm and tips for playing fetch safely.

In the episode you'll hear:

  • My top dog toys and toys to avoid.
  • How I make toys available to my dogs.
  • About good toy habits for puppies.
  • Criteria I have for selecting dog toys.
  • The two categories of toys for training.
  • About using toys for rescue dogs or puppies to boost confidence.
  • The dangers of dogs playing with sticks and tennis balls.
  • Why I created my “Bring Me” program to teach dogs to retrieve.
  • That North America lacks toxicity guidelines for dog toys.
  • The safer options of Kong tennis balls and play sticks for dogs.
  • Why a renowned Veterinary dentist recommends road hockey balls.
  • Safety tips and suggestions for playing fetch with dogs with balls.
  • Why to avoid Dollar Store dog toys.


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