I’ve just returned home from a trip to Houston, where I competed at an agility trial with my young dog This!, and we had an epically amazing weekend. Many of you know of the struggles This! and I have experienced, which is the inspiration for this episode. What mindset do people need to either work through extreme dog training challenges or support somebody in the midst of those challenges? Today, we’re covering strategic approaches to help clear the path forward for you and your dog.

In the episode you'll hear:

  • What mindset has to do with extreme dog training challenges.
  • About the more challenging dogs in my life.
  • How I transitioned dog training methods with my Border Collie, Buzz.
  • Why some dogs stop listening to their handlers.
  • My mindset approach for dog trainers, dog owners and dog sport competitors.
  • Point 1: Create love and connection for and with the dog.
  • Point 2: Adopt a positive mindset even if it feels awkward.
  • Point 3: Use a strategic dog training program that prioritizes the dog’s emotional wellbeing.
  • Point 4: Daily conversations with your dog that are positive.
  • Point 5: The 3 types of peer support groups.
  • Point 6: Cultivate resilience and self-belief.
  • Point 7: See beyond the “box.”
  • Point 8: Identify healthy emotional outlets.
  • Point 9: The answers exist, so ask better questions.
  • Point 10: Importance of self-awareness and self-talk.
  • That mindset is the make-or-break factor to realizing our dogs’ potential and our own.