Accomplished psychotherapist Elliott Connie of Solution Focused Brief Therapy graciously joined me for a
conversation that turned into 10 minutes of inspiration and motivation for dog training and life in general. If you’ve ever had days when you doubt your dog training, you are not alone, and Elliott’s insights will carry you through when things are not going to plan. It starts with knowing you are awesome and that your brilliance is far more noticeable and far more impactful than your flaws. Enjoy this extract from our livestream celebrating 200 episodes of Shaped by Dog.

In the episode you'll hear:

  • About embracing the best version of ourselves.
  • How Elliott’s solution-focused therapy stems from a sincere love for his clients.
  • Why change is possible when you invite the best version of your client or student into the room.
  • Elliot’s tips for frustrated dog owners when training isn’t going as expected.
  • That gratitude can be everything and how to start.
  • How attuning to your brilliance transfers to all facets of your life

Catch the 200 Episodes Celebration Replay and After Party Opportunities