Have you tried shaping a timid, shy, softer or fearful dog and found your dog could not offer behaviors or engage in dog training sessions? The challenge is real! Recently, we looked at shaping high-drive dogs, but what about dogs on the other side of the spectrum who seem unmotivated? Help is at hand, and we’re covering how to shape more reserved dogs to grow their confidence, unlock their full potential, and rapidly increase their joy and enthusiasm for training with you.

In this episode you’ll hear:

  • Shaping confidence for reserved, timid, shy, or fearful dogs.
  • The importance of training the dog in front of you.
  • About learning from my less confident dog, Decaff.
  • A review of the confidence triangle for dogs.
  • Why mindset is everything in training your dog.
  • Common assumptions about shaping less motivated dogs.
  • Why you need clarity over complexity for better results.
  • All about the Yerkes-Dodson's curve and its role in understanding arousal levels in dogs.
  • The importance of planning training environments strategically to optimize learning.
  • How to manage frustration effectively.
  • How to implement location-specific markers like “Cook” and “Search” to enhance training engagement.
  • Learning the “Flirt Pole" game to build confidence and drive.
  • Innovative games like “Hand Targets with a Twist” for engagement.
  • Empower your dog's choice through the ItsYerChoice Summit for better training outcomes.
  • How confidence grows with Crate Games and other tricks to keep training fun and rewarding.

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