In episode 229, I shared the story about finding joy with a “mighty dog” in my life, a Jack Russell Terrier mix named DeCaff. In Part 2 I admit a painful lesson around frustration, shame and struggle between two of my Terriers; as well as the last six lessons my agility champion taught me about conditioning positive emotional responses, arousal states in dog training, seeing behavior as communication, the canine gut-brain axis, and most importantly: forgiveness of self and others.

In the episode you'll hear:

  • DeCaff’s Story, Part Two: A painful admission about my world champion agility dog.
  • Lesson 1: A dog shutting down during training is feedback to you.
  • About DeCaff’s slow weave pole times.
  • Lesson 2: A dog’s behavior is a critique of your training plan, skills and execution.
  • How I used time outs in the past.
  • About DeCaff’s aggression redirection.
  • Lesson 3: Never sidestep the lesson the dog is trying to share with you.
  • About my a-ha moment with the “Smack Da Baby” tug game.
  • How I doubled my agility dog’s weave pole times with positive conditioning.
  • Lesson 4: You can’t truly help a dog you’ve labelled or compared.
  • How to acknowledge a dog’s limitations but focus on their joy and strengths.
  • Lesson 5: Release guilt, shame and angst we have about our dogs.
  • When DeCaff jumped my sick senior dog.
  • My struggles training DeCaff after the death of my other dog, Twister.
  • About forgiveness for mistakes made with your dog.
  • Lesson 6: Focus on you and your dog’s improvements.
  • About the lessons dogs bring to our lives.
  • About the link between gut health, a dog’s reactive behavior and their neuroses.


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