How to help frightened and anxious dogs is a question I receive frequently, so I’m diving into identifying and overcoming canine fears and phobias that often lead to withdrawal or reactivity. Today’s focus is on overlooked reasons dogs become fearful and what you need to know about anxiety. It’s important to recognize a dog’s fear triggers and the role we might play in unconsciously creating stress.

In this episode you’ll hear:

  • Overlooked triggers to many dogs’ fears.
  • Natural dog fears during certain life stages.
  • The difference between alert, excited or anxious dog behavior.
  • How genetics predispose some breeds to fear or confidence.
  • That animals inherit generational trauma, too.
  • How events, medical conditions and lack of education can create fear in dogs.
  • How spaying may impact a female dog’s hormones.
  • How gut health impacts animal behavior and emotions.
  • The effect of EMF’s on dogs and animals.
  • How dogs absorb and internalize human emotions.
  • How to decode your dog’s body language.
  • Why we should observe how our reactions impact our dogs.


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