Have you experienced sudden onset aggression, fear or behavior change with your dog? Imagine if I could give you a pill to solve any behavior challenge. Now, in some cases, there might actually be a pill that can help. We’re looking at what you need to know about your dog’s thyroid.

In the episode you'll hear:

  • About my dog Stoni and her sudden lunging at another dog.
  • What I learned from Dr. Jean Dodds about sudden onset fear and aggression.
  • About the importance of getting a complete thyroid panel for your dog.
  • What I noticed with Decaff and her fear of thunder.
  • About Buzz’s vestibular disorder episode and his thyroid panel.
  • How hormones impact behavior.
  • Why behavior is not always a choice for us or our dogs.
  • How behavior change could become triggered by events.
  • The importance of noticing sudden changes in your dog.