I’ve been thinking about stress and how we deal with it. Consider your dog and any challenges you might have in your training. Those challenges could be creating anxiety for you, and your dog will pick up on your emotions. You are not alone if you find yourself stressing about your dog.

In the episode you'll hear:

  • What happened with my dog Shelby when I locked my keys in the car.
  • Why I check in with myself when I feel stressed.
  • How I look for every day with my dogs to be a great day.
  • An update on my puppy’s resource guarding.
  • The science of our dogs taking on our emotions.
  • About thinking of the future rather than the past.
  • What we can do for our dogs by being curious.
  • How we are all in the same place with our dog training and why to do one thing.
  • The reason I end all of my blog posts with gratitude.
  • All about the exercise of behaving gratitudinaeously and the dog you love.