If you have a puppy, you’ve probably heard that your pup needs to socialize with other puppies and dogs. But what does that mean exactly? How much play is enough or too much for your puppy? Does it mean playing with all other puppies and dogs? We’re looking at critical guidelines and tips for success with puppy playtime, so it’s safe, builds confidence and grows your relationship.

In the episode you'll hear:

  • How socialization through play helps puppies with life skills.
  • The non-verbal communication that pups need to learn.
  • The reason we don't want puppies playing on slippery floors.
  • How to make sure the environment is safe for puppies.
  • Why we want our dog's playmates to give great communication signals.
  • About keeping playtime short for puppies.
  • How to be involved in puppy playtime.
  • The ways you can break off a puppy play session.
  • That safe play between puppies or dogs involves consent.
  • How to use "go play" to associate the fun with you.
  • Why permission to play will grow your puppy's focus for you.
  • About making sure your puppy gets enough sleep.


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