How do you know if a breeder is truly reputable? How do I fit a new puppy into my daily routine? Why do some vets say raw food is dangerous for dogs? How do I calm a leash-lunging dog? What’s the best way to cure puppy separation anxiety? How do I help my hyper dog relax? These are just a few of your questions I’m answering in today’s Ask Me Anything about raising and training brilliant, healthy, joyful puppies and dogs using positive reinforcement.

In this episode I’m asked:

  • How to teach self-control to a hyper dog.
  • How to protect a dog’s confidence and your connection when training games fail.
  • Does training with treats encourage dogs to follow you instead of settling down?
  • How do I calm a leash-lunging, reactive dog?
  • Do I make my own raw dog food?
  • How to train a puppy with separation anxiety?
  • Can reinforcement-based dog training really be as effective as balanced?
  • How many times a week do you recommend practicing agility?
  • What is overtraining in dog agility?
  • How many different marker words do you use for one dog?
  • Why do you name dog behavior rewards differently?
  • Are there dogs that can’t learn agility no matter your effort?
  • How did I bring Prophet to Canada from Switzerland.
  • Why ‘slap’ and ‘push’ dogs when playing tug?
  • How to help a Border Collie pup who lunges at and chases cars.
  • How do I balance puppy training and a hectic life?
  • Do you prefer male or female dogs?
  • When to reduce treat rewards in dog training?
  • Are breeders registered with the AKC CKC de facto reputable?
  • What’s your take? My vet said feeding raw food is dangerous due to disease risk from infected animals.
  • What’s a good course recommendation for a first-time dog owner who wants to do agility?

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