When I first started dog training 30 or so years ago, I was studying the sport of dog obedience because I wanted to compete. We were taught to lure our dog to do what we wanted and then move to the proofing stage. When proofing, we were looking for errors to test how well the dog understood what we’d taught them. And if our dog failed, we were instructed to give them a correction. What if we changed our mindset from proofing to building confidence? We’re covering how to help our dogs clearly understand what we want in any location and situation.

In the episode you'll hear:

  • How you can have a well-trained dog without using corrections and intimidation.
  • What proofing in dog training is and why it can create unrealistic expectations.
  • About the acquisition and fluency stages of training a dog.
  • How we can look at any behavior we are training as just one trick.
  • That fluency will let you know what your dog really understands.
  • How to generalize behavior, so your dog has the confidence to perform anywhere.
  • Why generalizing leads to environmental neutrality for dogs.
  • Bob Bailey’s 80% rule and using Jean Donaldson’s ““Push, Stick or Drop” to determine that 80%.