Somebody has likely told you that not all dogs can be trained the same way and that different methods are needed for different dogs. Is there truth behind this? I'm covering how different dogs might need different training approaches, but the word philosophy should replace method. Plus, I'm sharing why the dog training philosophy I choose aligns with my heart and an invitation to everyone to consider trying something different.

In the episode you'll hear:

  • How any dog can be trained using kindness, clarity and choice-based games.
  • Why my philosophy doesn't involve the use of positive punishment.
  • That the expectations of ourselves should be higher than those we put on our dogs.
  • The difference between dog training philosophies and dog training techniques.
  • How my training approach will differ for dogs as individuals.
  • About the dark history of dog training and its slow evolution.
  • How my training method was mocked decades ago but is now widely adopted.
  • My invitation to open-minded dog trainers who use positive punishment.
  • How confirmation bias subtly influences our worldviews.
  • Why I choose to train with kindness, choice, clarity, and positive reinforcement.
  • Different ways I change my training technique based on what a dog needs.