I’ve met a lot of people at the crossroads of their dog training and looking to go in a more reinforcement-based direction, but they’re worried it won’t work due to old beliefs and habits. Unless you were one of the lucky few to learn nothing but reinforcement-based dog training, leaving behind the familiar for something new naturally creates fear and vulnerability, especially when surrounded by socalled ‘experts’ and naysayers when you encounter challenges. We’re covering how to recognize belief loops that could be holding you back.

In the episode you'll hear:

  • That safety for everyone is your first priority in dog training.
  • Why to choose your experts carefully for your sake and your dog’s wellbeing.
  • The reasons dog training knowledge should always be growing and evolving.
  • How belief loops and confirmation bias impact your dog training and decisions.
  • Why it’s not necessary to be your dog’s dominant leader.
  • About protecting yourself from naysayers and uninformed opinions.
  • Why giving dogs opportunities to earn high value reinforcement creates deep connection.