What if it were possible to dramatically improve your dog’s focus, skills and overall behaviour just by changing the questions you are asking? There’s no magic pixie dust, but it is possible for everyone. Reinforcement based training requires outsidethe-box thinking. Anyone can become a resourceful solutions-based dog trainer, and I’m giving you the four-step process I share with all of my students.

In the episode you'll hear:

  • About swapping old thinking to new thinking.
  • Why the human brain is an amazing computer.
  • How to ask better questions.
  • The challenge with social media darkness and drama.
  • Why we humans have more compassion for strangers than ourselves.
  • How you are already answering dog training questions with great ideas.
  • That you are somebody’s expert.
  • About knowing what to do next with your dog.
  • The four-step process for posting a dog training question.
  • How to get your brain to give you amazing answers.
  • The importance of empowering statements.
  • How to get the best support and help with the way you ask questions.
  • How to have conversations with your family and friends about your dog.


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