In dog training, there’s really only one reason we feel frustration, and that is when the outcome does not meet our expectations. But what happens when we get frustrated? Recently I experienced frustration when training a side pass with my puppy, This!, and I’m sharing with you the process I used for troubleshooting.

In the episode you'll hear:

  • About the motivation for this episode from a post by one of my students.
  • Identifying the words you use when you are frustrated.
  • The lesson I recently learned regarding frustration and how it hurt my heart.
  • Why to take a break.
  • My 5-step evaluation for when dog training does not go to plan.
  • Why to look at where your dog is in the training progression chart.
  • How to evaluate your training with PEP.
  • The psychological, environmental, and physical considerations for dog training.
  • Why and when to tip with twenties.
  • How we leap too far ahead with training and the question to ask ourselves.
  • The importance of remembering to “train the dog in front of you”.