In episode 236 I detailed 10 reasons why dogs might show fear. In today’s part two, I’m giving you a strategic plan to help fearful, anxious dogs grow into calm, confident family pets. My uncommon approach is a game changer for dogs that are constantly afraid, anxious, over-reactive, or extremely excitable. Be sure you’ve listened to Part 1 first so you can identify the triggers that might be contributing to your dog’s fear. Leave me any questions below and here’s to helping you and your dog create a joyful life together!

In this episode you’ll hear:

  • Susan Garrett’s strategy for overcoming fear in dogs.
  • When to seek help from an applied veterinary behaviorist.
  • The science behind Susan Garrett’s dog training methodologies.
  • Myths about reinforcement-based dog training.
  • How to observe your dog’s body language.
  • The steps to identifying triggers and good environments to train.
  • About Classical Conditioning aka Pavlovian Conditioning for fearful dogs.
  • Why I use both Classical and Operant Conditioning for helping fearful dogs.
  • Published research on Classical plus Operant Conditioning for overcoming fear in rats.
  • How dogs habituate and generalize fear triggers into white noise.
  • The Triangle of Growing Confidence for dogs.
  • The transfer of value into games your dog loves to play.
  • Two categories of valuable games.
  • The Yerkes-Dodson Curve of Arousal in animals.
  • Examples of compound games for dogs.
  • Valuable calm games for dogs.
  • How to play the games at the place and time your dog is most comfortable.
  • How to create a distraction-free training den.
  • How to use the hierarchy of reinforcement for rewards.
  • My Success Story: Triangle of Confidence for my scared dog, This!
  • That counter-conditioning fear takes more than treats.
  • How to get all the dog training games with coaching support.

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