Understanding the science of dog training is going to help you help your dog with clarity. In Episode 158 of Shaped by Dog, we covered training and using positive interrupters, and a few questions came in asking how hat’s different from a recall cue. The difference starts with the words “unconditioned stimulus” and knowing how conditioning works.

In the episode you'll hear:

  • The news that we have a new puppy, and her name is Belief.
  • More on what positive interrupters are, are not, and what I'm using.
  • About conditioned cues and how you can use them.
  • A refresher on location specific reinforcement markers.
  • How the clicker or marker word tells your dog, "you are correct".
  • Why to know what you expect your dog to do and the likelihood they will do it.
  • About intentionally conditioning the words you use.
  • That the clicker is not a recall cue for your dog.
  • How all conditioned reinforcers have a specific role for a dog's clarity.
  • The difference between a positive interrupter and a recall cue.