If you’ve ever said, “why won’t my dog just listen,” or “he does this at home,” or “he’s being stubborn,” or wondered why your dog just does not listen, this episode is for you. It applies to all dogs, from puppies to rescues, to older dogs, to sports dogs performing in obedience, agility, flyball, protection or any sport. We’re covering why dogs may or may not listen and the layers to help your dog respond to a cue the first time you ask anywhere.

In the episode you'll hear:

  • That the cues we use to prompt a behavior in our dogs are little evaluations.
  • How you can think of your dog’s response like a bank statement.
  • About knowing if you have hundred-thousand-dollar responses to your cues.
  • Why to be aware of competing reinforcement values.
  • That consistency and reinforcement are vital for our dogs to understand cues.
  • What overshadowing your dog is and how that relates to your body language.
  • How to evaluate your sit cue with a 5P test in many locations.
  • Why a relationship comes before training your dog to do anything.
  • About DASH and how Desire, Accuracy, Speed and Habitat will help your dog training.
  • The reason that bribing your dog will not create strong behaviors and how shaping works.
  • About creating a plan and record keeping.
  • How to start today so your dog will listen to your cues anywhere.

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