High drive, frantic, hyper dogs can be overwhelming! I’ve got shaping tips to help you end dog training frustration. High drive dogs can also be a lot of fun to train once you’ve made a few tweaks and the step by step I’m sharing I’ve learned from my very driven dogs. There are a lot of myths about dogs who seem to get frantic quickly, so we’re covering what’s really going on, why decompression for dogs is important, and what you can do so that your dog can learn how to learn when they’re in a calmer state.

In this episode you’ll hear:

  • My experience with high drive dogs in various dog sports.
  • Myths and wrong assumptions about high drive dogs.
  • Discussion on frustration theory and its impact on dogs' behavior.
  • Insights from a 2021 paper - Behavioural and Physiological Correlates of the Canine Frustration Questionnaire.
  • How frustration can be beneficial for both humans and animals.
  • Understanding a dog’s responses to frustration: suppression, regression, persistence, and invigoration.
  • Ways to manage frustration in high drive dogs when training.
  • The importance of relaxation protocols for high drive dogs.
  • Shortening training sessions and maintaining clarity in training goals.
  • Recommendations for meeting the needs of high drive dogs.
  • Expressions of frustration in high drive dogs during training.
  • Strategies for shaping high drive dogs so they learn how to learn.
  • How to approach target mat training and why use a plank for your frantic dog.
  • Importance of maintaining a calm/neutral demeanor and environment during training sessions.
  • Suggestions for decompression activities for high drive dogs after training.
  • Steps to minimize frustration and maximize joy when training high drive dogs.

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