My puppy, Prophet, turned four months old this week! At this point, Prophet knows nothing. What!? Now, my definition of ‘know’ is different. Although he doesn’t “know” much, Prophet recognizes many behaviors and several markers, and that’s the start of true understanding. I’m sharing exactly what my daily routine and puppy-training plan looks like and my top priorities for raising a confident, joyful dog.

In this episode you’ll hear:

  • What goes into raising confident, joyful puppies.
  • My definition of a dog truly knowing a behavior.
  • The difference between a puppy recognizing cues vs. knowing cues.
  • That when a dog knows the cue, they perform the behavior.
  • My top priorities when raising a puppy.
  • About teaching a dog or puppy to want what you want.
  • My goal is environmental neutrality for my puppy.
  • A day in the life of Susan Garrett and Prophet the Puppy.
  • Two reasons to not walk puppies often.
  • How I create a successful puppy training environment.
  • About conditioning, shaping and target training for puppies.
  • The importance of verbal override training for puppies.
  • Why I always take a puppy to relieve themselves on leash.

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