Help! How do I get my dog to focus on me and pay attention? Today I’m sharing the positive reinforcement “secrets” that make your dog prioritize you over environmental distractions. If you feel non-existent to your dog around other dogs, squirrels, cats, people, bicycles, etc. – but you’ve been taught to collar pop and say things like “leave it!” – I’m going to teach you to combine two of my proven, science-based games to inspire your dog to focus on you without you demanding it. No physical or verbal corrections needed.

In this episode you’ll hear:

  • How to create desire in your dog to choose you over distractions.
  • The tools to train canine attention.
  • About one rescue dog’s complete transformation.
  • How to get your dog to pay attention to you.
  • What “old school” dog trainers teach about distractions.
  • That focus is a reflection of priorities.
  • How sustained focus happens.
  • That strongly desired outcomes create laser focus; e.g. dog chasing squirrel.
  • That nagging doesn’t create drive in humans or dogs.
  • How to become your dog’s priority with engaging games.
  • How to journal all of your dog’s priorities.
  • Why recalling my puppy off bunnies is easy.
  • Why we don’t bribe dog behavior but reinforce good choices.
  • The importance of erasing habits that reward your dog away from you.
  • That good focus habits begin with dog training games.
  • The difference between inspired focus and forced focus.
  • That good relationships require daily investment.
  • The two games to play so your dog chooses you.
  • How and when to combine Hand Targets and ItsYerChoice to overcome distractions.

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