We’re now in part three of our series on dogs being able to respond when they are far away, and I’ve got a training plan for you. It’s super important for your dog’s safety that they can listen at a distance and come when called. A recall from something like deer or bunnies all begins with your dog being able to listen close by, and in part three, we’re growing the fundamental skills to listening off leash and away from you.

In the episode you'll hear:

  • The errors you might be making in training sit, down and stand.
  • All the ways you can proof your dog’s understanding of your cues.
  • How we want our dogs to be able to think even if they are excited.
  • Why you need to know if your dog is really listening or just guessing.
  • That you need to be on Team Distraction before you are on Team Distance.
  • The training steps to grow and test your dog’s listening abilities with position changes.
  • That what you are teaching might not be what your dog is learning.
  • How to fix common challenges with position changes at a distance.
  • About the importance of reinforcing away from you for your dog to listen far away.
  • How to transition from inside your house to outside to grow layers of understanding.

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