There are two ways to work on your dog listening around distractions, but many people only learn one. The first way is to get your dog into a controlled position like a sit or down, and introduce distractions. We take it to the next level and do things differently! Let’s face it; there are not too many bunnies who are going to ask us to get our dogs into a sit before they run across the path. We need our dogs to listen no matter what and no matter how far away they are from us, and the timing of our distractions in training is critical to set our dogs up for success.

In the episode you'll hear:

  • About the two reasons a dog would listen at a distance.
  • The way we grow massive confidence in our dog’s ability to listen.
  • About looking at what you do if your dog makes a mistake.
  • How games grow responses and enthusiasm for dogs.
  • What playing video games has to do with dog training.
  • The importance of controlling the distraction and not the dog.
  • About growing a dog’s skills in layers and the fun way to practice.
  • How to really use distractions in your dog training.
  • Why you always want to be on Team Distraction to get to Team Distance.
  • What to play with your dog this week in prep for next-level listening games.

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