There is one difference between very successful dog trainers and the average pet owner in the way they feed their dogs. That one thing is responsible for a better relationship with your dog and the dog being easier to train, having a long life, and fewer health problems. That one thing is easily achievable by everyone and will also help with a dog’s picky eating.

In the episode you'll hear:

  • The ways people feed their dogs.
  • What free choice feeding or graze feeding looks like for dogs.
  • The problems that can be created for dogs with free feeding.
  • Why regular meals help with potty training.
  • How free choice feeding could result in a dog being a picky eater.
  • The health benefits of regular meals for dogs.
  • About the issue of obesity in dogs.
  • Why free choice feeding makes training difficult.
  • How to use your dog's meals as a training opportunity.
  • The risks of missing health issues with free feeding.
  • How planning your dog's exercise is easier with regular meals.
  • Why to know what your dog should weigh.
  • How I feed a high percentage of my dog's meal in training.
  • A plan to help dogs who are picky eaters.
  • When to check with your Veterinarian.


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