The inspiration for this episode comes from a walk with my dogs. My puppy, This!, was on leash, and my adult dogs were milling about freely. All of a sudden, a large bunny crossed our path 5 meters ahead. My adult dogs did not really notice the rabbit as it was the equivalent of white noise for them. For my puppy, it was a LOUD noise, a siren, she for sure noticed! Is it that my puppy just does not get my training, or is it that she has just started her education?

In the episode you'll hear:

  • My checklist of 5 items to include in your training to ensure your dog gets it.
  • The layers of learning that I put into my dog training and for my students.
  • What our layers of learning are from Kindergarten through to University and beyond.
  • Why our dogs need a structured educational program.
  • The reason we don’t control our dog but look at the environment.
  • What I do instead of saying “Leave It!” to my dogs.
  • All the things that I teach my dogs to help dim the loud noises like bunnies or cats.
  • Why to progress your dog’s decision making, so decisions become bigger and better.
  • What I do that is different to old-school dog training programs.
  • The importance of congruency and consistency.
  • Reasons why some dogs just don’t get it, including fear and a dog’s purpose.
  • How structured building blocks create transformation and confidence.
  • Why we want an engaged, safe environment that encourages learning.
  • About balancing success with challenges and the relationship with dopamine.
  • Why rehearsals of success lead to successful performances.