Have you ever been triggered by social media dramas about dog training methods? It's likely something we all experience. There was a recent incident at Crufts that flowed into the social channels this week that had a lot of thoughts flooding into my brain, including the question of how can we, as a community of dog loving reinforcement-based trainers, show up as our best selves when we get triggered by things out of our control? I'd love to open a dialogue on this topic and want to convey the compassion and empathy I have for everybody when sharing my experiences and observations in this episode. I understand that, for many, it might be a difficult conversation.

In this episode you’ll hear:

  • About dog training, controversy and social media dramas.
  • That we can all be triggered by differing dog training methods.
  • Thoughts on the core values of reinforcement-based training.
  • Why I’m not the same person or dog trainer I was 30 years ago.
  • My experience with being a guest on a podcast with a balanced dog trainer.
  • Insights into the evolution of dog training perspectives over time.
  • Why I called Jean Donaldson and had an enlightening conversation.
  • That we need grace and compassion for ourselves, and the big question.


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