As someone who has been educating dog owners on having a well-behaved dog and an amazing relationship with that dog, I think it’s important to share my failures. Learn, walk, listen and train ItsYerChoice with me as I talk about my big blunder that happened last week, the impact of judgement and critical questions we need to ask ourselves.

In the episode you'll hear:

  • My mistake at the grocery store and why I went straight to judgement.
  • Why to get curious when you find yourself judging.
  • About outside dogs and littermates.
  • How I got triggered and responded with a lack of filter.
  • The way my subconscious kicked in and the thoughts I had when waking up.
  • What congruency means to me.
  • What a nose bridge is and how my puppy targets my hand.
  • How we are all making judgements every day.
  • Why to ask questions when you are irritated.
  • About all the different views on dog training out there in the world.
  • How sitting in judgement of our dogs or others has impact beyond us.
  • Why I teach everything through games and its effectiveness.
  • Quick training prompts with IYC, paw movement and reward delivery.