This episode is brought to you by YOU! I’m answering questions submitted on the DogsThat socials on wide-ranging aspects of life with dogs – including how human personality types impact training and dog choice, perseverance when progress stalls, fixing broken recall words, over-aroused dogs, barking in hounds, my fitness regimen, living with littermates, ignoring wildlife, weave poles, handling the unexpected, and so much more.

In the episode you'll hear:

  • Answers to your popular questions about dogs.
  • Does an owner’s personality influence their dog training?
  • How to persevere in the midst of a dog training struggle.
  • How to fix a broken recall word and when to replace it.
  • What are dog instincts and over-arousal, and can they be inhibited or leveraged?
  • How do you get hounds to stop barking?
  • How do you physically train yourself?
  • Advice for training littermates - multiple dogs that are siblings with separation anxiety.
  • How to become an accredited reinforcement-based dog trainer in an unregulated industry.
  • When to start weave poles for agility dogs?
  • Thoughts on office dog behavior and training requirements?
  • Best car travel safety tips and products for dogs of all sizes?
  • What to do when another dog attacks yours?
  • How to react during sudden scares on walks and loud noises.
  • Is there any breed unfit for first-time dog owners?
  • Coping with cliques in dog sports.
  • How do you train a dog to ignore wildlife?


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