Recently something happened in my own dog training that I’m sharing in this episode, and it’s all about our expectations of our dogs. Along with our expectations, our beliefs and biases play a role in our relationship with our dogs. We’re all bombarded with unrealistic expectations about dogs daily, so challenging what we think with curiosity can be a fast track to dog training success. Realistic expectations will bring us closer to our dogs, and help them be less frustrated and happier.

In this episode you’ll hear:

  • The role of expectations in relationships.
  • About unrealistic expectations in dog training.
  • How personal biases are shaped.
  • My revelation during a training session with my puppy, Prophet.
  • Why curiosity over disappointment is important in dog training.
  • About setting up an environment for success.
  • The shift from expecting perfection to embracing curiosity.
  • Why we need to manage our expectations.
  • About questioning our personal biases in dog training.

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