For every puppy owner using a socialization strategy that grows confidence and connection, there’s a thousand who don’t do it at all or do it terribly wrong. I’m sharing exactly how I socialize my puppies, including my current five-month-old, Prophet, so that everyone can do the same thing to get the best start to a life of joy with their dog.

In this episode you’ll hear:

  • The exact things I do to socialize my own puppies.
  • Common misconceptions in puppy socialization.
  • Why puppy daycare and dog parks are potential disasters.
  • Top 3 reasons why we should train our dog.
  • How to grow a puppy’s confidence in different environments.
  • What puppy socialization looks like to Susan Garrett.
  • How I train my five-month-old puppy, Prophet.
  • How to turn distractions into white noise.
  • Why growing connections is important for puppies.
  • How to grow positive CER’s in context with husbandries.
  • What distractions really mean for our puppies.
  • How I train in the form of games.
  • 3 groups of games and when to use each.
  • How “Crate Games” minimizes distractions for our puppies.
  • Why an overstimulated dog is not ideal for socialization.
  • That most dogs don't need doggy friends.

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