To the uninitiated, reinforcement based dog training looks as if you have to walk around with a boatload of cookies or else you are not going to get your dog to do what you want. That’s just not true. But if you are carrying cookies everywhere, I’m covering how we go about reinforcement based training differently so that you can transfer the value of those cookies to you with games within games.

In the episode you'll hear:

  • What I learned about games in a summer job on a dairy farm.
  • The definition of primary and secondary reinforcers.
  • An example of a game-within-a-game to teach a dog to easily line up at your side.
  • The steps to using a hand target for your dog to line up to your side.
  • What the Karate Kid has to do with dog training.
  • How the transfer of value works with games within games.
  • About a game I played at Chicken Camp with Bob and Marian Bailey.
  • How the transfer of value from games creates connection, focus and drive.
  • All the reasons my dogs sit at doors, and it’s not about being a control freak.
  • That all of life is a game-within-a-game creating a deep connection with our dogs.