Success in dog training is about taking action. But if you are frustrated or overwhelmed or not sure you are doing the right thing, taking action can be challenging. We’re looking at how to put barriers aside and find the fast track on the path ahead.

In the episode you'll hear:

  • About the epiphany I had when cycling and going through gates on the trail.
  • Why I focus on the path and not the obstacles.
  • How people can get wrapped up in focusing on the things they don’t like.
  • A story from basketball about Giannis Antetokounmpo for inspiration.
  • How easy it is to let your ego interfere with our dog training.
  • Why our emotional state is important for an amazing relationship with our dog.
  • What to do when you feel triggered.
  • Why timeframes can have us focus on the outcome, cut corners, and lead to frustration.
  • The reason I think of surrender as a place of strength.
  • A quote from Alexandra Horowitz about how dog training can change us.
  • Why we need to give ourselves grace and our dogs grace.
  • About how every interaction with our dogs is training and a conversation.
  • Five things to focus on to progress your training.
  • Why exercise, games, downtime, socializing and enrichment are important for puppies.
  • How things happen faster when you focus on the path.