In the big picture of dog training, how important is it to be consistent? Does everyone who spends time with our dog need to follow the same rules and maintain the same criteria? If they don’t, will that hurt our reinforcement based dog training? Does maintaining criteria mean we are control freaks? These questions are ones we see frequently, and in this episode, we’re covering how it’s your relationship with your dog that matters.

In the episode you'll hear:

  • About shaping and transfer of value in dog training.
  • What happens in a home where two people have different rules for the dog.
  • Why lack of criteria can see a dog pushing through a proverbial fence.
  • How your dog understands earning reinforcement.
  • About Bob Bailey's 10% rule and how that applies to consistency and context.
  • Why maintaining your dog's sit is all about the release cue.
  • How my husband and I had different criteria for our dogs.
  • The relationship between consistency and your dog's value for you.
  • About using contingencies in your life with your dog.